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Should I Buy a Menstrual Cup: My Cousin In Canada Asked

by Mika Collins (2016-10-03)

Questions my Cousin asked: Should i buy a menstrual cup. Which of the menstrual cup brands in Canada is the best. I purchased this cup online because I wasn't able to find my Diva cup when my cycle started. Yes she should! Luna is the most impressive menstrual cup around, read why!

If a year ago my cousin had asked me about menstrual cups, I might have turned up my nose and simply shook my head. But now, I wont say I'm an expert Canadian cup user, but I would highly recommend them to every women in Canada. Menstrual cups have proven to be a lifesaver! I don't constantly think about my period and running to the bathroom. This cup is made out of medical grade silicone and is very soft and flexible. Once inserted, I forget it's there. I do the tulip fold. (I have a picture of it if required). I have found this is the easiest way to insert (online google searches are most helpful if you need help). Insertion and take out is similar to that of a tampon. It was helpful for me to practice insertion before my period so I wasn't stressed once it started. I took pictures of another cup I bought online in Canada before using this one, they are very similar but have a few differences. The shape of the cup is somewhere between a "V" and a "U" shape, the material is softer and more flexible, the Luna also has 2 sizes available, small for those who have not given birth and large for those who have. I highly recommend for women who, like me, have heavy periods and go through a lot of tampons and pads. This menstrual product will certainly save you money. Cleaning a menstrual cup is really easy, just dump it out in the toilet and wash it out. Of course you feel more comfortable doing that at home rather than in public places, but mastered making sure I have personal wipes with me to clean it out.

This is actually a very Impressive menstrual product to buy online for such a reasonable price. Like i said, i had a Diva menstrual cup before this one that was nearly double the price of what I paid for this one. The material is sturdy and clean. The color is fabulous! It would make a great first time buy for someone like my cousin, or a great replacement for long time users of this product. I love it! Would definitely recommend!

I Hope this review helps clarify some confusion for first-time menstrual cup buyers in Canada and that you'll let me know how your use of menstrual cups progresses!